Constitution — London Bang1a Press Club
E. Membership
Membership There shall be five classes of membership:
a. Full Membership: Journalists or professionals who are resident of the United Kingdom involved either in a paid (full time. part time), freelance basis or as a contributor in journalism, the press, publishing, electronic, digital, broadcasting or media sector including Local Government, Central Government and other Statutory Bodies and Public Relations Agencies for a minimum of two years of continuous service or those who have been working for a minimum of two years in the press or media agencies in another country including Bangladesh. Persons applying for full membership must not have any criminal conviction relating to any offence invotving deception or dishonesty and must not have any bankruptcy order. Person apptying for full membership must be in agreement with the Club’s objectives. If any member becomes bankrupted or is issued with a criminal record during his /her membership period, then their membership will be cancelled with immediate effect. Receiving period for application for a full membership will be dosed a minimum of 90 days before the Annua! General Meeting where elections are due. New membership applications will re-open 30 dap after the AGM Date when elections of the Executive Committee have taken place.
Full Membership fee will be determined by the Executive Committee of LBPC. (For full details of the membership criteria including details of membership please refer to the London Bangla Press Club’s hilembership Criteria Policy Document.
The Executive Committee has the sole discretion of accepting or rejecting any application for Full Membership by a decision of two-third members present at the meeting of the Executive Committee called for such purpose. Only full members will have voting rights and will be eligible to stand for election to the Executive Committee subjeci to meeting the criteria as set out in LEIPC’s Election to the Executive Committee Criteria Policy Document
No persons will be eligible for a Full Membership if his I her activities / performance dents the standing of the club or who is a member of another similar type of organisation (Bengali led Press Club, Association, Press Union. Organisation in London) or holding a senior position (in a Executive Committee or a similar structure) in voluntary, social or a political organisation.
If any full member leaves the press, publishing or media profession or becomes engaged in another profession for at least a year or more, histher full membership will automatically lapse. He/she may apply to remain as an Associate Member for a maximum period of two years.
b, Associate Membership: Those who are not involved in the journalistic, press, publishing. electronic, broadcasting or media profession but do similar work can apply for Associate Membership. Associate Membership fee is to be determined by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has the sole discretion of accepting or rejecting any application for Associate Membership. Associate Members have no voting rights and cannot stand for the election to the Executive Committee.
Each membership (Full and Associate) is valid for two years from the date of the confirmation of approval of membership from the Executive Committee. After this period the membership will lapse and will not hold any further membership rights. He/she will be barred from participating in the activities of the LE1PC. For continuation of membership each individual will need to complete the appraphate membership form, submit their eligibility documents, pay the subscription and receive confirmation of approval of membership from the Executive Committee (refer to Clause E – Men-ibership Sub Clause A – Full membership).
If any application for membership is rejected the membership fee will be refunded less 10% administration cost.
c. Life Members Any other members of the public who are interested in supporting the journalistic, press, publishing or media sector who are in full agreement with the ISPC’s objectives can apply to become Life Members of the WPC. Membership to Life Membership is subject to approval of the two thirds majority of the Executive Committee members present at the meeting. The Life Membership fee is to be determined by