The London Bangla Press Club is a media based charity based in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets that is engaged with the UK based Bangladeshi led media sector which strives to empower communities to have a voice and be heard and seen. We are actively involved in promoting all forms of media education; Bangladeshi life, art, culture and heritage, socio-economic, technical and creative skills training and media orientated employment opportunities.

The London Bangla Press Club is an umbrella organisation which brings together Bangladeshi led media organisations (print, publishing, electronic, television and radio) based in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and beyond that works in partnership with the Bangladeshi media sector to broaden the horizon and empower the wider Bangladeshi community in United Kingdom.

It is now almost 20 years since its inception and the London Bangla Press Club has grown in size and influence thanks to the increasing growth and number of Bangladeshi led media organisations being created and established in the United Kingdom ranging from satellite television stations, print and publishing companies, newspapers and magazines and more important the massive growth of the electronic and digital media based organisations in particular the internet, social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. The last 10 years has seen a tremendous development of UK based Bangladeshi led media sector where a number of media enterprises particularly the growth in the number of Bengali language satellite television stations, radio stations are now household names amongst the Bangladeshi communities across the UK. Bengali language newspapers continue to thrive, in spite of the competition provided from the internet where Bangladesh based newspapers, magazines, journals and articles are so easily accessible at a touch of a button. UK based Bengali Newspapers continue to flourish. To date there are more than a dozen weekly UK based Bengali language newspapers published and circulated week in week out on a regular basis in addition to the countless magazines and brochures.

Today the London Bangla Press Club has taken up the challenge to expand and broaden the use and accessibility of the media by the Bangladeshi community in the UK. London Bangla Press Club wishes to see more people particularly young people, the elderly, parents and families to embrace the opportunities that the media brings and this will help to further strengthen their ties and relations with their homeland of Bangladesh.

Since 1993 the London Bangla Press Club has represented and served the interests of the Bangladeshi media led organisations based in the United Kingdom.

The role of the London Bangla Press Club has been to provide the voice for the Bangladeshi media led organisations, provide capacity building infrastructure support that has enabled the Bangladeshi community to use the London Bangla Press Club as a platform to voice their concerns and needs to the wider community, decision makers and service providers.